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4 Tips for Keeping Mops Clean and Sanitary

keeping mops clean

A mop is a handy cleaning tool for keeping the floor sparkling. But many forget should also be properly maintained.

Mops need to be cleaned if you want them to do a good job at keeping your floor clean. The longer you use them without proper maintenance, the less efficient they will be. 

With that, here are a few tips for keeping mops clean. 

Wash your mop now and then

One of the first steps to keeping mops clean is to give them a good wash now and then.

Be sure to always rinse your mop to get rid of dirt and residue from cleaning solutions. Make sure that it’s completely clean before using it. 

Additionally, if your mop is machine washable, throw it in your washing machine and run it at a gentle cycle. Use the hottest temperature to give it a more in-depth cleansing.

Be sure to dry your mop after use

Prevent bacteria from building up by drying your mops after each use.

Wring your mop to get rid of the excess water it has absorbed. After that, hang it to dry outside. Sunlight may also kill off any remaining bacteria that could be hiding in the threads. 

Store your mops in a secure area

Don’t keep your mops in damp places. They should be stored in a cool dry area where they can dry completely before your next use.

Try also hanging them somewhere high to keep the heads from making contact with the floor. This will help prevent the mop heads from getting dirty. 

Replace mop heads regularly

All mop heads will need to be changed after so many uses.

The longer a mop head goes without being replaced, the more likely it could spread bacteria and cause staining on the floor. 

As a rule of thumb, replacing mop heads every 2-3 months is a good schedule if you want to have a good collection of tools for your next general cleaning. 

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