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Fixing To Move And Need A Maid?

You’ve packed up all of your belongings, cleared out the attic, called the movers, and signed on the dotted lines, now what? Doing a deep clean before you move out of your home helps out both parties, whether you’re coming or going. However, doing an adequate clean is easy to neglect. Furthermore, if you are a renter, then cleaning is usually a must if you want to receive your security deposit.

Cleaning House Services Inc. offers you a versatile move-in or move-out cleaning service to ease the transition of moving into your new house or apartment. We understand a big move is stressful enough, so we want to lessen the load on your shoulders and assist you along the way. Our cleaners can come day or night in the time of your choosing. You can trust our team of home cleaners will offer you a professional, trustworthy, and excellent cleaning service.

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Move-Out Cleaning

After clearing out your home and putting everything in boxes, it’s the perfect time to make it spotless and ready to be sold. Most apartment or house cleaning services offer only a ‘broom-cleaning’ option, while others offer a thorough checklist cleaning everything from the floor to the ceiling fans.

Cleaning House Services Inc. will provide you with a detailed checklist that entails all everything we do. We’ll let you choose what you think is best.

Cleaning House Services Inc. can offer you:

-Cleaning Kitchen Appliances
-Cabinet Cleaning
-Sink Washing
-Countertop Wipedown
-Toilet Scrubbing
-Bathtub Scrub
-Final Sweep-down of the floors

We understand that after all the lifting and lugging heavy stuff, the last thing you want to do is clean.

Move-In Cleaning

What says “Brand new fresh start” better than a good house cleaning. Hiring a professional maid service before you move-in will allow you to have the peace of mind knowing your new space is spotless and free of any dirty surprises. Our cleaners can come in before you arrive to ensure every corner of your home gets the attention it needs.

Often, areas like sinks, toilets, and bathtubs can go untouched prior to a move and may look quite dirty. Let us spruce up these areas so you feel the charm of your new place as soon as you step inside.

After the long and stressful moving process, you don’t need to walk into a new home with it cluttered, dusty, and unkempt. Allow Cleaning House Services Inc. to clean and organize your new home so you can get started settling in fast and spending time with the family.

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