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cleaning marble surfaces

4 Tips for Cleaning Marble Surfaces for Added Shine

Clean-looking marble adds a layer of shine to your home. But cleaning marble surfaces can bring the risk of damaging these shiny slabs if you are not being careful. There’s a good chance that you end up scratching, cracking, and smudging marble surfaces if you don’t follow the right tips...

sweeping away leaves

4 Easy Tricks for Sweeping Away Leaves from Your Yard

A single tree leaf won’t be a problem but give it time and you will be sweeping away piles of lives from your yard.  When left alone, fallen leaves can keep sunlight from reaching the grass and may lead to winter mold. With that being said, it’s important that you...

clear burnt smells

4 Ways To Clear Burnt Smells From Your Home

Have you ever had a meal gone wrong? Maybe you might have left something in the oven that’s creating a horrible stench? In any case, you need clear burnt smells and keep your home smelling fresh.  While you should consider yourself lucky to have survived a fire hazard, you still...

red wine cleanup

4 Simple Red Wine Cleanup Tips With Everyday Home Items

One glass of wine is a treat to enjoy on any special occasion unless you happen to spill it somewhere you didn’t intend to. This is where red wine cleanup becomes a necessary chore. Spills always happen, and red wine can ruin your day by getting on your clothes, carpets,...

cleaner dehumidifier

5 Easy Steps for a cleaner Dehumidifier

Having a cleaner dehumidifier keeps moisture levels in check. If it isn’t maintained, you risk having mold and mildew build up over time.  Dehumidifiers keep your home healthy and germ-free, but it’s no surprise that bacteria, dust, and dirt can accumulate inside it. If you leave it unclean, you not...

reducing plastic trash in home

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Trash in Your Home

Plastic waste can be a problem that gets out of hand as it grows. Not only does it add clutter, but it can also lead to serious environmental problems.  From old bottles to plastic wrappers that were discarded last Christmas, the plastics you use can add to today’s problems with...