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5 Messes and Surfaces at Home You Should NOT Use Vinegar On

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When you look up guides to clean up messes at home, vinegar often comes up as a handy tool to use, doesn’t it? What you might not find often are messes and surfaces you should NOT use vinegar on.

Vinegar often swoops down as the handy home ingredient to slice grime and disinfect like nobody’s business. But be wary, there are spots where vinegar plays the shy guy. Here are five spills at home where vinegar won’t be the life of the party:

Stone Counters

Vinegar’s got a sharp bite, but it isn’t the best on surfaces like marble or granite counters. 

It could eat away at these surfaces in your home, leaving ’em sad and stained. Save the day with a neutral cleaning fluid made just for stone surfaces to keep ’em shining bright.

Egg Mishaps

When eggs take a tumble, vinegar’s not the knight in shining armor.

Its acidity can turn egg gunk into a sticky mess. Grab a wet cloth and a gentle soap to tame that goo without making a bigger mess.

Wood Floors

Vinegar’s got a rep as a wood cleaner, but it should be known you should not use vinegar on every kind of wood flooring.

It could strip your wood floors’ shine, leaving ’em feeling down and out. Stick with a special potion for wood floors to keep ’em happy and gleaming.

Iron Pans

Vinegar’s too feisty for iron pans, messing with their seasoning and taste. 

Keep things chill with hot water and a tough brush to scrub away the gunk. If it’s really stubborn, a dab of mild soap should do the trick.


You should definitely not use vinegar on gadgets.

Its acidity could fry delicate parts faster than you can say “Oops.” Keep your tech safe with a soft cloth and maybe a sprinkle of tech-friendly cleaner, if needed.

So, while vinegar can genuinely help out with many messes, it’s not always the hero we need.

Knowing when to call in the cavalry of other cleaners can save the day without leaving a trail of destruction behind.

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