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December 2021

effective iron cleaning

4 Effective Iron Cleaning Tips to Follow

Irons keep your clothes pressed and wrinkle-free. This keeps them fresh and maintains their snazzy look.  But they also need their own maintenance and cleanup from time to time. Irons can get rusty, dusty, and grimy as any cleaning tool in your home can when left uncleaned for a while. Cleaning with a dirty iron is one of the last things you want to do if you plan on keeping your clothes pressed and fresh.… Read More »4 Effective Iron Cleaning Tips to Follow

keeping mops clean

4 Tips for Keeping Mops Clean and Sanitary

A mop is a handy cleaning tool for keeping the floor sparkling. But many forget should also be properly maintained. Mops need to be cleaned if you want them to do a good job at keeping your floor clean. The longer you use them without proper maintenance, the less efficient they will be.  With that, here are a few tips for keeping mops clean.  Wash your mop now and then One of the first steps… Read More »4 Tips for Keeping Mops Clean and Sanitary

home curtain cleaning

4 Easy Home Curtain Cleaning Tips

Hair, dirt, dust, and odors can build up and stick to curtains. These can make your windows look dirty and grimy as a result.  Not only do they pose a health risk but dirty curtains also make an unpleasant sight. Ignoring the need to clean your curtains is definitely worth your time, so it’s important to learn a few home curtain cleaning tips. Get started with these four simple cleaning hacks for fresher curtains. Dry… Read More »4 Easy Home Curtain Cleaning Tips