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5 Easy Tips For Cleaning Flooded Floorings

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When it comes to dealing with flooded floorings, swift action is key. 

Handling wet floorings can avert further havoc and health hazards, whether torrential rains or a ruptured pipe. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into five inventive ways to help you efficiently clean flooded floors and reclaim your living space.

Prioritize Safety

Before embarking on the cleanup, ensure safety reigns supreme. 

Cut off power to the submerged area to stave off electrical mishaps. If water levels surge, bide your time until the retreat before venturing in. 

Don protective gear like rubber gloves, boots, and a mask to shield yourself from contaminants.

Evacuate Standing Water

Commence by expelling stagnant water using a wet vacuum, mop, or towel. Initiate from the lowest point and fan out to thwart spreading. 

For substantial floods, contemplate professional aid to pump out the water securely.

Remove moisture

Post-water expulsion from your flooded floorings, focus on removing moisture from the area entirely to forestall mold proliferation. 

Amplify ventilation by flinging open doors and windows, and employ fans and dehumidifiers to make it easier to remove moisture.

Target inaccessible spots, such as beneath furniture and within walls, utilizing absorbent materials like baking soda or kitty litter.

Scour and Sanitize

Once your flooded floorings are dried, it’s time to scour and sanitize the floors to obliterate grime and bacteria left by the flooding. 

Scrub with a mild detergent or specialized cleaner, paying heed to crevices and small spaces. 

Disinfect with bleach and water to exterminate lingering germs and thwart mold buildup.

Vigilance against Mold

Even post-cleaning, remain vigilant for signs of mold buildup in the ensuing weeks.

Be looking for musty aromas, discoloration on walls or ceilings, or any moisture you might have missed. 

You can also consider hiring the services of a cleaning company for a more thorough lookover of your flooded areas. Book a cleaning with us at Clean House Services today!

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