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4 Easy Tips For Using a Portable Steam Cleaner

portable steam cleaner

A portable steam cleaner is a great tool for cleaning and sanitizing various surfaces in your home. 

They use the power of steam to loosen dirt, grime, and stains. It also makes it easy to clean and disinfect surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. 

In this article, we’ll list down four easy tips for using a portable steam cleaner effectively.

Use distilled water

Using distilled water in your portable steam cleaner is essential to avoid mineral buildup in the machine. 

Tap water contains minerals that can leave deposits inside the machine, reducing its efficiency and it could end up damaging it. 

Always use distilled water, which is free from minerals, to extend the life of your steam cleaner.

Choose the right attachments

Before you start cleaning, choose the right attachment for the surface you will be working on. 

Most portable steam cleaners come with various attachments for different surfaces. For example, use a small brush attachment for grout and a larger brush for floors. 

Don’t soak surfaces too much

While steam cleaning is an effective way to sanitize surfaces, it’s essential not to drench them too much. 

Too much moisture from your portable steam cleaner can damage some surfaces and create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

To avoid this, use short bursts of steam and keep the machine moving to avoid saturating the surface.

Clean and maintain your machine regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your portable steam cleaner will ensure that it continues to work effectively and extend its lifespan. 

Empty the water tank and wipe it clean after each use, and descale the portable steam cleaner regularly to remove mineral buildup.

Always take the time to check the machine’s filters and replace them when needed to ensure maximum performance.

A portable steam cleaner can be a powerful tool, but you can’t always depend on it to do a thorough job. Consider getting a professional cleaner for the more time-consuming chores!

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