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4 Tips For Easy Microwave Cleanup

easy microwave cleanup

All of your home appliances need cleaning and sanitization. And your microwave is no exception. Food stains the line the interior could linger for a long time and there’s a good chance the device could malfunction 

Luckily for you, easy microwave cleanup can be done if you follow a few easy tips. Here are such examples that can help you get started:

Lemon and water

You can use a lemon and water mixture to remove tough food stains and odors.

Simply cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a bowl of water, and microwave the bowl for five minutes. It can help buff out stains that won’t go away and kill smells for easy microwave cleanup.

Wipe down inside and outside of your microwave

Start cleaning the inside of your microwave by placing a wet paper towel or a bowl of water with a few drops of essential oil inside the microwave. Then, run it for a few minutes and let the steam clean and freshen the interior.

You can then clean the outside of your microwave by wiping it with a microfiber cloth dipped in water mixed with a bit of vinegar.

Use a toothbrush to get hard-to-reach corners

Need something to help scrape off food bits in your microwave further? Dig out an unused toothbrush for easy microwave cleanup of corners you find hard to access.

A spare toothbrush can help scrub hard-to-reach areas like the corners and the sides of the microwave door. These may include areas inside that a paper towel or cloth cannot reach.

Don’t forget to clean the light bulb

The microwave light bulb needs a damp cloth to remove any food splatters or stains that may be blocking the light.

Make sure your microwave is unplugged. Then, clean the bulb thoroughly by gently wiping away any food splatters or stains that may be blocking it. 

Be careful not to touch the bulb with your fingers, as the oil from your skin can damage it.

Many kitchen appliances in your home could use proper cleaning and maintenance. For everything else, hire the services of a cleaning company like Clean House Services to keep your home fresh and sparkling. Contact us today!

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