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4 Easy Tips for a Cockroach-Free Home

cockroach-free home

Everyone wants to live in a house free of pests, especially cockroaches. 

These creatures can do more than scare you into submission. They can also cause diseases when they contaminate food and surfaces you often come in contact with. Cockroach infestations cause diseases like dysentery and typhoid fever, so it matters to make sure you have a cockroach-free home. 

Here are a few tips to rid your home of these nasty crawlers:

Keep the kitchen tidy

The kitchen is one of the top places in your home where a cockroach infestation can build up.

Leftovers, spills, and rotten food attract roaches to the heart of your home. Make sure to keep it as clean as it should be by taking out the garbage and keeping the plates clean and sparkling. 

Put away bits of food cluttered around as well. Toss out food that can’t pass for brunch and make sure you don’t leave any debris wherever you’re taking a snack. 

Sweep up crumbs

Scattered crumbs are free dinner to a cockroach.

If you want to keep a cockroach-free home, your first chore is ensuring crumbs are never scattered around for them to find. Check your kitchen floors and the countertop especially. These areas are where you are likely to find crumbs.

Keep moist areas dry

Roaches are attracted to moist areas caused by leaky pipes or a dripping faucet.

Make sure to check under the sink, behind your toilet, and in your basement for moisture. Repair leaky pipes and other water sources to keep them from attracting these pests.

Drying up these moist areas makes keeping a cockroach-free home easier to achieve.

Seal away entrances

Cracks in floors, windows, and walls in your home make it easier for cockroaches to invade your personal space.

Seal up cracks with caulk and close the gaps around windows and doors with a gap filler such as foam rope or by weatherproofing them.

Another way you can keep your home free from roaches is by getting a local cleaning company to handle the job. 

Save time and energy by calling Clean House Services today. Call us and learn how we can help you on your way toward a cockroach-free home!

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