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4 Tips for Cleaning Candy Stains From Clothing

cleaning candy stains

Kids are enjoying their sweet rewards after a long night of Halloween, but it’s also a sign that you’ll be cleaning candy stains from their costumes and clothing.

Chocolate, gum, and hard candy can melt and stick into clothing, causing a mess that would be too difficult to remove!

But don’t fret, there’s always a way to get them neat and clean again in no time. Here are a few handy tips so you can take care of these sugar stains:

Scrape off large candy stains

Scraping utensils such as spatulas can help remove excess candy bits from your clothing.

Start cleaning off candy stains by using these tools to scrape off large chunks.

Rinse off candy stains

Cold, running water can wash off remaining candy stains. High pressure is especially effective in removing more stubborn ones from clothing.

This simple yet crucial step also reduces the amount of sugar that gets caught in the fabric.

Dilute the stain in vinegar

Vinegar can help loosen bits of candy in your clothing. 

Blot the affected area where it feels most sticky or where the candy has ruined your clothing the most. This is where you can focus using other tools on the stain once the vinegar loosens it up.

Run clothing in a hot wash

If all else fails in cleaning candy stains from clothing, a hot cycle in your washing machine should do the trick.

Apply some detergent to the stain and let it settle for 20 minutes. Then run it in the hottest cycle that your washing machine allows. 

It’s best to check labels on your clothing to see if this is the best solution. Different fabrics have specific treatments when it comes to being cleaned or washed.

While you focus on cleaning up candy stains from your favorite apparel, consider getting a professional cleaning service to help out with the rest. 

Call Clean House Services for your post-Halloween cleaning needs today!

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