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4 Tips for Easy Moth Cleanup In Your Home

easy moth cleanup

Moths are one of the many unwelcome pests that can leave a lasting mess. Luckily for you, easy moth cleanup is possible so long as you use the right tools and approaches. 

It can be frustrating to deal with a pest infestation whether it’s cockroaches or rats. But moths are a different story. They leave holes in your clothing as well as insect casings that can be too much to deal with. 

For this reason, here are a few easy tips for easy moth clean up around your house:

Throw out infested clutter

One of the first steps for easy moth cleanup is to consider that these pests may have gotten into old clothing or even your food supply.

Check your closets or pantry thoroughly. If you find insect excrement or wriggling larvae around, consider those clothes or bits of food lost and throw them out for good.

Lay out moth traps

If you might have an idea of where moths breed in your home, the next step is to know where you can place traps to catch them. 

The best place to consider would be inside closets or areas where they may try to get into your food such as your pantry or kitchen. 

Seal up everything

If you want to avoid having to use smelly mothballs as a solution, try to seal up your food and clothing in airtight containers or boxes to keep them from spreading there.

This helps prevent causing a health risk to your children or pets who could accidentally end up eating them when you’re not around.

Break out the vacuum

If all else fails, vacuuming frequently is another easy moth cleanup tactic to help you deal with this problem head-on.  

Hard-to-reach cracks in your home should be the target areas when using your vacuum. Don’t forget to shake out the bag to get rid of the eggs or insect casings that it sucks up. 

Aside from cleaning up moth droppings and other debris, consider giving your home a total cleansing! Enlist the help of a professional cleaning service like Clean House Services to help you get the job done.

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