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4 Easy Ways to Remove Vinegar odors After Home Cleaning

remove vinegar odors

Cleaned up a stubborn stain with the help of some vinegar? The mess may be gone, but you still need to remove vinegar smells that still linger. 

Vinegar is a versatile home ingredient that works great against stubborn stains. However, it tends to have a pungent odor. 

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that can help you remove vinegar odors and make your home smell fresh again.  Here are a few of the best ones:

Spice things up with herbs

A few pleasant-smelling herbs can give your home that spicy odor that also nullifies the smell of vinegar.

Herbs like thyme or rosemary are great for getting rid of vinegar’s acidic-like odor. All you have to do is add a few pinches of any of these in a vinegar solution before applying the solution onto any surface. 

Squeeze a fresh lemon into the mix

Lemons are another great kitchen ingredient that can help balance out vinegar smells. 

Spray some fresh juice on the surface you used vinegar on to overpower its acidic scent. Two cups of lemon juice should be enough to mask the pungent smell. As a matter of fact, you can use lemon juice as an alternative cleaning agent instead of vinegar. 

Dilute your solution

You can also consider using less of your solution by mixing in more water. Use about half of the amount of vinegar or increase the ratio of water. While the vinegar retains its disinfecting action, the amount of water should be enough to overpower the smell it leaves behind.

Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda

Baking soda can absorb bad odors in your home. It can do the same for vinegar smells as well.

If you want to get rid of the acidic scent after using vinegar to clean a mess, a few sprinkles of baking soda can do the trick. You can also use it by mixing it with water and applying the paste with a sponge on the surface where vinegar is applied. 

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