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4 Reliable Ways to Clean Up Scuff Marks

clean up scuff marks

Homeowners need to remember to keep every corner of their house clean. One of the most common but irritating messes to deal with are scuff marks.

The reason why scuff marks are irritating is that they can come out of nowhere. But there are a number of ways that they turn up from bumping something into your walls or dragging shoes on the floor.

No matter the cause, it can still be a sad sight to see your best paint job or new flooring ruined. But there are a number of easy approaches that can help you clean up scuff marks. Here are a few of the best ones:

Use a melamine sponge

Melamine sponges are one of your best options when it comes to erasing scuff marks from your home.

The term “magic erasers” applies to these sponges as they can take care of a lot of stubborn messes like scuff marks. These can be essential cleaning tools to have at your disposal for heavy stains on your wall or flooring. 

To use the sponge, dampen it in warm water and apply light pressure to the scuff mark before scrubbing it away. Don’t rub too hard as it risks chipping away your wall or flooring.

Apply a damp soapy cloth

A wet cloth with soap can take care of a bad scuff mark as well. 

Wipe a damp soapy cloth over the scuff mark in a gentle manner. Don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure as you rub the spot away. Make sure to repeat the process often until you get rid of every last trace of the spot.

Scrub with a baking soda paste 

Mix up a baking soda paste and it can be a handy means of getting rid of scuff marks.

Apply this mixture on a sponge and cloth and rub over the affected area. Be sure to dab on as much as you can and then clean it off with a clean cloth until the moisture is gone.

Consider using an all-purpose cleaner

Many cleaning businesses offer all-purpose cleaners to take care of every kind of a mess, even scuff marks.

Pick out a safe and easy-to-use cleaner and use it to clean up scuff marks for good. It’s important to read directions to get the best results when cleaning a scuff mark.

Cleaning businesses can also help your home deal with other unsightly stains, not just scuff marks. Reach out to us at Clean House Services and see how we can keep your home spotless and stain-free!

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