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4 Simple Red Wine Cleanup Tips With Everyday Home Items

red wine cleanup

One glass of wine is a treat to enjoy on any special occasion unless you happen to spill it somewhere you didn’t intend to. This is where red wine cleanup becomes a necessary chore.

Spills always happen, and red wine can ruin your day by getting on your clothes, carpets, or table surfaces.

Luckily for you, a few everyday home items can salvage that bad day by getting rid of red wine stains.

Here are a few red wine cleanup tips you can try with anything that’s within your reach:

Club soda

Club soda makes for a good item for cleaning up red wine stains.

After dabbing away at the site of the stain, pour some club soda and allow it to fizz for about 5-10 minutes. Wipe away the whole mess with a clean towel afterward.


If the stain gets on your shirt or any other fabric, salt will be your best weapon for removing it.

Spread as much salt over the affected stain as you can. Depending on how stubborn it might be, you might need to leave the salt on the stain for several hours or overnight if needed. Then, rinse it out with cold water and repeat the process if any traces of wine remain.

Hot water

This one might take a while, but it works just as well as the other items on this list for red wine cleanup

Pour some boiling water over the affected area until it dilutes the coloring. Be sure to repeat this process until the wine stain loosens up and disappears for good.

Rubbing alcohol

This is a heavy-duty last resort home item, but it gets the job done.

Dab some isopropyl alcohol on the wine stain after washing the affected area with cold water. Don’t use too much. Excessive alcohol can damage certain fabrics made from acrylic fiber and acetate.

If you want a professional to take care of more stubborn stains, a cleaning service can lend you the helping hand you need.

Clean House Services can take care of any spill in your home. Contact us today and learn about the range of services we offer!

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