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4 Natural Disinfecting Laundry Tips for Your Next Wash

natural disinfecting laundry options

Working on your next laundry load? Consider natural options if you are looking to disinfect your clothes without the harshness of chemicals. 

Some disinfectant soaps can make your clothes uncomfortable, while others can damage certain fabrics such as satin or wool. In this case, you should settle with natural cleaning agents that can keep your clothes fresh and germ-free. 

Here are a few you might want to use on your next load:

Hydrogen peroxide

This can be considered one of the more convenient natural disinfecting laundry options to have at home

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most eco-friendly disinfectants you can use. Make the most of it by adding about a cup to your washing cycle. This should be enough to kill all lingering germs on fabrics. Just make sure not to use too much as it could still have a bleaching effect on your clothing. 


If you don’t have any natural cleaners lying around, a few household ingredients like vinegar should also help. It serves as a germ killer that can even remove certain smells from your laundry load. Then again, it can leave a very pungent smell on certain clothes, so consider giving your laundry load an extra rinsing. 

Hot water

Hot, steamy water can take care of most germs for fabrics that do well in high heat. You can use a long wash cycle set at the highest temperature, or put them in a dryer with a steam setting. Temperatures as high as 212 degrees Fahrenheit should do the job of disinfecting most clothing. 


You know, that old saying of life handing out lemons. You make the best of what it gives you, especially since it’s one of the most effective natural disinfecting laundry options lying around.

Lemon juice can break down stubborn stains and germs lingering on fabric with ease. All you need to do is add some to your next washing machine cycle. This provides an added disinfecting power that leaves you with fresh and spotless clothes.

If you want to give your home an all-natural cleaning, you might as well lean on the expertise of a local cleaning company. 

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