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5 Easy Ways To Clean Outdoor Carpets

outdoor carpets

Outdoor carpets are heavily exposed to external dirt. From the outdoor filth to other environmental factors that damage it in the long run.

Maintaining a clean outdoor carpet is a simple task that helps promote the cleanliness of your home. Here are the five easy ways to clean outdoor carpets:

Regularly sweep or brush the carpet

Exposure to weather conditions can also play a factor in the quick wear and tear of the outdoor carpet. 

Outdoor carpets are more prone to natural elements such as dried leaves and mud stains. 

Regularly sweeping the dirt and debris from the surface of the outdoor carpet will help maintain its neat state. 

Pre-treat the carpet stains

Applying a pre-treatment solution to the carpet surface with stains, mold, and soiling will help in its easy removal.

An outdoor carpet is far more exposed to dirt build-up and harsh weather conditions. Using stain removers will ease your cleaning process.

Rinse the carpet with a hose

It’s easier to clean a dirt build-up when the carpet is wet. Use a hose to spray all over the carpet’s surface for easier cleaning.

Water aids in the dissolution of dirt and grime. It assists the cleaning agents and instruments into the carpet fibers to extract the dirt.

Use a carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner

Using a carpet cleaner will help in removing stains and dirt that have accumulated on the outdoor carpet’s surface.

It will be beneficial in effectively removing debris and mold formation by routinely vacuuming your outdoor carpet.

Utilize a pressure washer

One helpful tool for easy cleaning of outdoor carpets is by using a pressure washer. The cleaning process will be faster and better as it provides deep cleaning.

Using a pressure washer also minimizes the need to buy cleaning materials and chemicals. 

Compared to other cleaning techniques, the power of pressure washing helps in eliminating bacteria.

Cleaning outdoor carpets can be a tedious chore. But with the help of a professional, it doesn’t have to be.

Why not consider hiring the services of a cleaning company for more than cleaning your carpets? Book us at Clean House Services today!

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