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5 Easy Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

cleaning vinyl floors

Cleaning vinyl floors might sound simple, but it still needs a bit of love to stay spick and span.

Vinyl floors are durable and don’t take a lot of effort to keep clean, but it might be easy to neglect having to clean them in the first place.

Let’s dive into five ways to keep your vinyl floors looking sanitary:

Broom and Vacuum

Give your vinyl floors a quick shine with some regular sweeping and vacuuming. 

Dust bunnies and tiny crumbs love to crash the vinyl party, so kick them out with a soft broom or a vacuum that has a gentle brush attachment.

Mop with a Mild Mixer

Cleaning your vinyl floors has never been easier with a smooth mopping routine with a chill, neutral cleaner. 

Mix it up with water, following the cleaner’s guide, and let a damp mop do the cleaning groove.

Check if the cleaner’s vinyl-friendly, so you won’t accidentally mess up the color.

Cleaning spills quickly

When accidents strike – whether it’s red wine or a tomato sauce splash – don’t dawdle. 

Start blotting out spills with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. For stubborn stains, wet the cloth with water or a mild vinyl floor cleaner and gently wipe it away. 

Steer clear of rough scrubbers – they’re a vinyl floor’s worst enemy.

Roll Out the Door Mats and Rugs

Preventing vinyl floor drama is like creating a VIP area with door mats and rugs. 

Throw down doormats at entrances and high-traffic spots to catch dirt and debris before it gatecrashes your vinyl floor party. 

Make sure your mats and rugs have non-staining, non-rubber backings to keep the peace with your vinyl. 

Say No to Hardcore Chemicals and Wax

Vinyl floors dig the low-maintenance vibe, so don’t harsh their mellow with tough chemicals or wax. 

Hardcore chemicals strip away the protective coating, leaving your vinyl open to scratches and stains. And wax creates a buildup that’s hard to shake off.

Stick to mild, pH-neutral cleaners made just for vinyl floors. If you’re after that shiny floor glow, pick products recommended by the flooring experts and follow the steps.

Cleaning vinyl floors can be a blast. With these five tricks, your vinyl floors will not only stay clean but keep strutting their stuff for years to come.

Remember, a bit of regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping your home looking slick and shiny. Book a cleaning appointment with clean house services today!

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