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4 Easy Ways to Clear Pet Smells from Your Home

clear pet smells

Accidents happen around the house. Food will spill and trash piles up, but nothing can prepare you for when you need to clear pet smells from your property.

Pets tend to make a lot of messes in your home, and it’s up to responsible owners like you to help clear the air and ensure they are taken care of all the same.

Here are a few easy ways to clean up pet messes in your house:

Wash pet beds and items

Washing pet items like collars or toys and their bedding can clear pet smells and keep them from lingering.

Pet beds accumulate dirt, stray hair, saliva, and pee over time. Keep them clean by changing the covers and washing the bedding when needed.

Pet items like collars, toys, water bowls, and pillows need cleaning on the occasion as well. You can always sprinkle some baking soda on things you cannot wash by hand or with a washing machine.

Sweep and mop floors when needed

Whenever a pet makes a mess in your home, it’s best to whip out that mop and broom to do what’s needed FAST.

Sweep up dirt, dust, and hair brought in by your pet before it gets worse. Sanitize your floors with a mop afterward to keep them as clean and odor-free as possible.

Always find time to vacuum

Find the time to vacuum your floors and carpets. They can reek of pet smells if left unclean for a long time.

Vacuums help apparent pet odors from your home by getting to hard-to-reach places that a broom or mop might not be able to. Make sure to go over areas such as under the couch. You never know if a strand of hair might be around there.

Keep your pets fresh

Make sure your pets are still loved by keeping them fresh and clean regularly to keep pet smells from lingering in the first place!

If your furry pal comes into your home after a long day of being outside, don’t get too mad at them. Instead, be the responsible pet owner by making sure they’re as clean and hygienic as they can be.

Cleaning companies can also lend you a helping hand if your schedule is too packed to handle pet messes. Clean House Services can pick up the slack in keeping your home fresh and spotless for yourself and your furbabies.

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