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4 Ways For Cleaning Pet Messes Off Couches

cleaning pet messes

Cleaning pet messes sometimes throws curveballs your way, making it a bit tricky to keep your pad spic and span, especially when furry friends leave their mark on your cherished couch.

Whether it’s mud-splattered paw art, a fur festival, or an unexpected oopsie, keeping your couch in shipshape is a top priority! In this blog, let’s dive into a few nifty ways to jazz up the process of wrangling and scrubbing pet messes off your couch:

Swift Action

Getting on the case pronto is important when it comes to cleaning pet messes. The quicker you tackle the issue, the smoother it is to thwart any stain shenanigans and pesky smells.

If your pet leaves paw prints, nab a paper towel or a squeaky clean cloth to promptly blot away as much dampness as possible before it settles in.

For liquid mishaps, like a surprise pee party, soak up as much as you can using paper towels.

DIY Stain Sorcery

No need to sprint to the store for spendy stain zappers when you can whip up wizardly solutions using everyday items.

For pee stains, concoct a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water, then give the area a spritzing.

Blot the potion with a spiffy cloth, and sprinkle baking soda over the wet spot. Let it work its magic for a spell, then vacuum up the baking soda.

Upholstery Enchantment

Think about snagging a trusty, pet-friendly upholstery cleaner, a game-changer for wrestling pet messes on your couch.

Look for products specially brewed to tackle pet stains and odors. Follow the maker’s instructions to a T and always test the cleaner on a tiny, sneaky spot before going all in.

Prevention is Where It’s At

The best way to clean pet messes on your couch is to keep them from gatecrashing in the first place.

School your pets to stay off the furniture or pick a nook just for their shenanigans.

Consider snagging washable, zip-off couch covers for a quick laundry tango when accidents strike.

Regularly vacuum and spruce up your pets to dial down on fur flurries, and toss in an extra layer of defense with pet blankets or throws.

Cleaning pet messes on your couch doesn’t have to be a wild ride. With the right tools, tricks, and a snappy attitude, keeping a comfy and clean spot for you and your pets is as doable as a flip of a pancake.

If you find these tasks a bit much or time-crunched, you might also think about dialing up a pro cleaning crew. Book a cleaning with Clean House Services today for a fuss-free fix to couch conundrums!

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