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5 Simple Ways To Clean Food Scraps From Your Sink

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A tidy kitchen is like a cozy hug for your home. The challenge comes when you need to clean food scraps from your sink.

Over time, these scraps can stir up funky smells, create blockages, and invite unwanted bacteria to the heart of your home.

Thankfully, there are simple ways to keep your sink sparkling. Here are five ways to ensure your kitchen sink stays squeaky clean.

Opt for a Sink Strainer

Get into action with a sink strainer, a nifty way to keep food scraps from grooving down your sink’s drain. 

This dandy tool slides over the drain opening, grabbing those larger food particles and making it easier to clean food scraps.

Snag a strainer with tiny holes to catch even the eensy-weensy scraps. Just don’t forget to twirl it over to the trash or compost bin regularly to keep your sink boogie-free.

Tend to Your Garbage Disposal

For those rocking a garbage disposal unit, a regular maintenance check is essential to avoid the buildup of food scraps and awful smells. 

Kick-off with a cold-water twist while using the disposal to bust down and wash away those food particles. 

To freshen up the vibe, grind citrus peels or ice cubes with a dash of baking soda through the disposal. 

DIY Drain Freshener

You can clean food scraps easily with some homemade drain freshener—a pocket-friendly and eco-friendly way to keep your sink in high spirits. 

Mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar in a cup, and let the fizzy dance party commence down the drain. 

This chemical caper can break down food bits and kick away those minor clogs. 

Boiling Water Rinse

No simple step can clean up your sink like getting some boiling water down the drain.

This dissolves grease and washes away food particles that have taken residence in your pipes. 

Gently pour that hot water down the drain in a slow, dreamy stream. This approach works wonders against grease buildup, as the hot water can transform those fats into a liquid, leaving your pipes feeling light on their feet.

Embrace Good Kitchen Habits

Preventing issues is the best way to clean food scraps off your sink in the first place.

Scoop up leftover food and toss it into the trash or compost bin before giving your dishes a wash in the sink. 

Give your dishes and utensils a little wipe with a paper towel to wipe away any excess grease and food particles before you break into the washing routine. 

By incorporating these moves into your daily routine, you’ll cut down the chances of food scraps causing a kitchen disaster.

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