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5 Ways You Can Wipe Out Rust Stains

rust stains

Rust stains can ruin the look of household items like silverware or other such metal objects we have around the house.

But no worries – you’ve gone more than one option of taking care of these stains and making your belongings shine again. In this blog, we’ll dive into five easy ways you can do so:

Lemon and Salt Scrub

Let’s kick off with a common combo that takes on rust stains head-on – lemon juice and salt. 

Mix these up to make a thick paste. The lemon’s acid teams up with the salt’s scrubbing power to tag-team the rust. 

Apply the paste on the stain and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Grab an old toothbrush or scrubby pad, and go to town on that rusty troublemaker. Don’t forget to rinse it to finish it off.

Vinegar Soaking

Vinegar is like the superhero of household items around your home, especially when it comes to rust stains. 

For smaller stains on tools or cutlery, allow them to take a vinegar bath by dropping them in a bowl filled with white vinegar and letting them soak up for a few hours or even overnight. 

The vinegar’s acid makes it easier for you to wipe or scrub that rust away. Give it a good rinse and dry it to erase any lingering vinegar smells.

Baking Soda

Baking soda does wonders in taking care of rust stains.

Mix it with water and whip up a paste that’s as thick as pancake batter. Then slather that paste on the rust stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. 

Grab a sponge or cloth and scrub away – baking soda’s gentle touch is perfect for all kinds of surfaces, from your kitchen counter to bathroom tiles.

Potato and Dish Soap

Surprisingly, a potato can be an effective rust remover if used correctly.

Cut that tater in half and dip its cut side into a mix of dish soap and a dash of salt. Rub that spud on the rusted spot, and let its natural oxalic acid do the hustle with the rust. 

Commercial Rust Removers

For stubborn rust stains or those larger surfaces, call in the big guns – commercial rust removers.

These bad boys are made to go head-to-head with rust and come out on top. Follow the rules on the bottle closely, and maybe suit up with gloves and goggles to protect yourself beforehand.

Don’t let rust stains ruin your silverware or lie dormant in your home. Call in the services of cleaning companies like Clean House Services to make sure your home is free of any stains!

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