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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Old Mops

replace old mops

Keeping a space clean and hygienic requires regular cleaning. However, utilizing outdated materials and equipment can reduce the quality of your cleaning.

Having shabby cleaning materials is a major concern for your cleaning business. Here are the signs that you need to replace old mops.

Frayed or missing bristles

The mop you’re using will eventually wear out because of frequent usage. When your mop is worn out, its bristles will become frayed or fall off.

Some areas cannot be cleaned thoroughly. As a result, it cannot effectively clean the entire floor.

Mop discoloration

If your mop starts being discolored it is already a sign of dirt buildup. It could also mean that the cleaning solution you’ve been using has already damaged the mop fibers.

Because of frequent and long use, your mop can lose its original color. This means that you already need to replace old mops as the color of the dirt already blends with it.

Foul odor

When your mop starts to smell, it means that there is already an accumulation of bacteria. Since you use the mop to clean dirty areas, the collected dirt can cause a foul odor.

If this happens, the mop will spread the dirt and odor to other areas. The presence of bacteria, mold, and other unpleasant odors leads to poor indoor air quality.

Damaged or rusted head

A rusted and damaged mop head usually means that the mop has not been cleaned and maintained properly and has been used excessively. 

Rust developed as a result of moisture getting trapped in the mop head, which led to the growth of mold and bacteria.

If the head of your mop is already damaged or rusted, it may need help to properly clean the floors. It can also cause uneven cleaning which leaves some areas uncleaned.

Poor cleaning performance

An overused mop that is no longer effective in cleaning floors signifies that it already needs changing. 

You must replace old mops as they become less effective and will not be able to clean floors thoroughly.

Replacing your old mops is a must especially when you’re tasked with maintaining a hygienic cleaning environment. Know the signs when to replace old mops for more efficient cleaning.

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