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4 Kinds of Stubborn Coffee Stains on Surfaces and How To Clean Them

stubborn coffee stains

It can be frustrating to deal with coffee stains that spill on the different surfaces of your home. Not all of them can be permanent. However, if they are allowed to linger too long, they can cause lasting damage to these surfaces unless you do something about it. 

Coffee stains are easy enough to take care of if you act fast enough. Here’s a guide to help you save certain surfaces from coffee stains:


Stubborn coffee stains happen to get on upholstery like your couch or favorite sitting chair. 

When this happens, use a dry towel to blot out as much of the coffee as you can. Then use a mixed solution of detergent, vinegar, and water to blot into the stain. This should get rid of any remaining traces that could stay in your upholstery for a long time.


One of the worst kinds of stubborn coffee stains is those that happen to a kitchen countertop. Fortunately, getting rid of these stains doesn’t have to be a hassle.  

Sprinkle some baking soda on the affected surface, then apply some vinegar until it starts to bubble. Allow the mixture to sit for 5-10 minutes. After that, rinse everything off with water and scrub the area with a sponge until the surface is sparkling clean. 


Isn’t it always the worst when coffee happens to spill on your favorite shirt? Don’t panic if this happens, this is how you take care of these kinds of stubborn coffee stains.

Blot it out with a dry cloth. Then,  depending on the fabric, either take it to the dry cleaners or rinse the affected area thoroughly with cold water and a mixture of vinegar and laundry detergent. 


The trick to cleaning these stubborn coffee stains is to act quickly before lasting damage occurs.

Mix a solution of dish soap, vinegar, and cool water to dab into the stain. To deodorize your carpet afterward, make sure to sprinkle in some baking soda to get rid of the coffee scent.

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