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4 Easy Ways to Preserve Bedsheets Between Washings

preserve bedsheets

Sheets get dirty and grimy. There will come a time when they need to be washed. The only problem is that the problem loses its quality in between washes. For that matter, you will need to know how you can preserve bedsheets for the long run.

If you’ve only just washed your bedsheets or don’t plan to make the trip to the laundromat anytime soon, you can still keep them clean a while longer. Here are a few easy ways you can preserve them between washings:

Keep yourself clean before bed

Before settling in for the day, make sure you’re neat and tidy yourself to preserve bedsheets longer.

Shower before hitting the hay and make sure not to enter the covers if you’ve gone for a long jog or workout session. It will save you and the sheets a lot of trouble later on.

Don’t eat or drink on the sheets

Keep food and drink off the sheets as much as you can. It’s tempting to binge a few snacks in bed now and then but if you’re aiming to preserve bedsheets before the next wash, save those chips to crumble on your couch instead.

Pets should sleep elsewhere

Pets shouldn’t sleep on your bed for the most part if you want to keep your sheets from frequent washing.

Have them sleep elsewhere for a while. Make sure they’re nice and cozy on their bed so you can distract them from soiling your bedsheets.

Remove any dirty items on you before tucking in

Take off those dirty socks and anything else that could leave a nasty stench on the fabric. Shake off any dirt that might be stuck on your feet before climbing in to preserve bedsheets.

More importantly, don’t treat your bed as a laundry basket! If you want fresh bedsheets, it won’t hurt to do the laundry.

You can also save some time cleaning your home by hiring the services of a reliable team of expert cleaners that know how to preserve the freshness of your home.

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