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4 Easy Tricks for Sweeping Away Leaves from Your Yard

sweeping away leaves

A single tree leaf won’t be a problem but give it time and you will be sweeping away piles of lives from your yard. 

When left alone, fallen leaves can keep sunlight from reaching the grass and may lead to winter mold. With that being said, it’s important that you clear your yard of any organic debris. 

You’re in luck, though. There are more than a few handy tricks when it comes to sweeping away leaves from your yard. Here are a few you might want to check out. 

Rake the right way

This chore can take quite a bit of time, so you should choose a rake that’s lightweight and easy to handle. 

To avoid straining, move back as you sweep away leaves from your yard. You can then form a pile so you can dispose of all that debris in one go.

Use a leaf tarp 

You can use a sheet to make gathering and disposing of dead leaves in your yard much easier.

Lay the tarp on where you plan to rake the leaves. Pile the leaves on top of it and fold the trap carefully. This allows for easier cleanup since it prevents leaves from spilling over when you are taking the pile to the trash.

Blow them away

Leaf blowers are your best friends when it comes to yard maintenance. They also work well with leaf tarps. 

Alternatively, consider using a leaf vacuum so you can spare yourself the extra effort of gathering the leaves for disposal.

Check drains and gutters as well

It’s easy to forget to clear leaves from your drains and gutters in your yard, but it’s something you will need to do before winter arrives.

Fallen leaves can clog up your pipes and cause irreversible damage if you keep them there. Use a good quality brush or even a rake to get them out.

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