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5 Simple Tips For a Cleaner Fireplace In Your Home

cleaner fireplace

When the cold nights hit your area, it’s a warm feeling knowing that a roaring fire keeps your home at an even temperature. It’s the good work of a cleaner fireplace doing its job.

However, it can still leave behind one ashy mess. Leaving it alone will only make the job of cleaning it all the more difficult.

As the temperature begins to drop, you should be spending more time keeping the fireplace in good condition. Here are a few tips to help you do a good job at it.

Move furniture away from your fireplace

The first step in cleaning a fireplace is to move furniture as far away from it as you can.

Furniture such as tables and chairs should be about 10 feet away from your fireplace before you start cleaning.

If it isn’t possible to move them at all, try covering them with a tarp or sheet. This will prevent dust and ash from settling on the surface.

Always burn clean wood

Certain kinds of wood can burn cleaner and prevent soot or ash from building up every time you use your fireplace.

We recommend using hardwood as it burns longer and hotter. Although a little pricier than softwood, hardwood allow for easier maintenance

Take the time to sweep up the ashes

Another tip for cleaning a fireplace is to take the time to sweep up any ashes before they start to pile up. This keeps them from scattering around your home when the wind blows them about.

Remember to remove and clean the grates

Take off the grate from your fireplace and take it outside. Then, apply some dish soap and water on a scrub brush and clean soot and ash off it before leaving it to dry.

Dust off the mantle and hearth

Cleaning the inside doesn’t always make a cleaner fireplace. Finish the job by dusting off the mantle and hearth.

You can use a feather duster or a cloth for the job. Do a few passes until you’re sure no trace of dust, ash, or soot is anywhere on these features.

You never know when you need your home clean for a cold, wintery day. Why not hire the services of a cleaning company?

From soot stains to bathroom sanitization, Clean House Services has got what you need to keep a home tidy no matter the temperature. Contact us today!

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