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How To Take Care of Light Fixtures That Need Cleaning

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Are you planning on cleaning your home anytime soon? Remember to keep your light fixtures in mind because they also need a good wipe-down now and then.

Lights need proper cleaning if you want to improve their longevity and reduce the number of times you need to replace bulbs.

With that being said, here are a few tips for keeping the lights clean.

Make sure you have what you need

You should always make sure you’re prepared before cleaning your light fixtures. That way, you are always ready for action!

Gloves, a spray bottle, and microfiber cloths are among a few crucial tools you will need. Additionally, you also need a stool, chair, or a small ladder to help you reach ceiling lamps, chandeliers, or other fixtures installed high up.

Mind the shock

Cleaning your lights always comes with the risk of getting shocked.

Make sure your light fixtures are off or unplugged before you start cleaning. The bulbs need to be cool to the touch before you remove or handle them.

Know your fixture type

It’s always important to know what kind of light fixtures you will be handling. This will help you know the best approach to cleaning them

For example, chandeliers not only need their bulbs removed but their pendants, crystals, and saucers carefully placed in warm, soapy water for cleanup and eventual reassembly.

Otherwise, you can clean other fixtures such as pendant lights in place by wiping their bulbs down and along with their cables, rods, and globes with a damp cloth.

Always treat finishes with care

Light fixtures have different finishes that need to be treated with care.

Most can be taken care of by wiping them with a cloth soaked in warm soap and water. But the biggest challenge comes with keeping other finishes such as brass or painted bases from being tarnished. Always treat them with care to get the best polish and the brightest lights.

Cleaning the lights should be part of any homeowner’s routine cleaning checklist. But not everyone has the time to do it themselves.

So, keep your house fresh and clean by hiring a professional cleaning company. Clean House Services is here to help you achieve a more spotless and brighter home. Contact us today!

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