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4 Easy Shoe Cleaning Tips For Shiny Footwear

shoe-cleaning tips

Before heading out, you need to make sure that the footwear you’re rocking is the cleanest pair you’ve got. a few easy shoe-cleaning tips can help you out.

Shoes need proper care and attention to remain spick and span as well as durable in the long run. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot to keep them maintained even after a long grocery trip. Here are a few ways you can clean your footwear at home.

Use a dry-cleaning brush

Dry cleaning brushes should be used to remove bits of dirt from the soles and surfaces of your shoes. 

You don’t need an actual shoe brush, either. Old toothbrushes can work just fine when it comes to scrubbing your footwear clean.

Take care of the laces separately

Another one of the many shoe-cleaning tips to follow is to wash and clean the laces. 

Remove them from your shoes and dip them in some cleaning solution before washing and drying them afterward.

Give extra care to the soles

The soles catch the most dirt, grime, and whatever bits of filth stick to your favorite pair of shoes.

Scrub and wash these parts of your footwear as thoroughly as you can. If you need to wash the insoles in your shoes as well, don’t forget to take them out and treat them the same too.

Make sure shoes are fully dry before putting them on

The last bit of shoe cleaning tips to consider is to make sure your favorite pair of footwear is completely dry before taking them on your next run to the park.

Air-dry your shoes for about eight hours before using them for your workouts or any trip to the outdoors that would get them dirty again.

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