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How to Remove Paint Stains Off Your Carpet

remove paint stains

If you find painting an enjoyable hobby, getting drops of paint on your favorite carpet is the least you will need. 

It’s no fun at all getting your carpets stained with paint. The best move to make when this happens is to take care of this mess as soon as you can. The longer you delay, the more your carpet stays in a permanent and uneven shade.

Luckily, there are more than a few tips that can help you remove paint stains from your carpets. Here are some examples that should help you out:

Remove surface paint ASAP

Assuming none of it has dried up yet, you should get rid of as much paint off your carpet as soon as you can. 

Scrape off globs of paint off your carpet with either a spoon or a putty knife if you happen to have one lying around. It’s important that you don’t spread any of it any further or deeper if you don’t want to worsen the problem. 

Be careful using paint thinners

Paint thinners could make your problem easier to solve but they could also damage your carpet if you aren’t careful with using them.

Thinners like acetone or turpentine can actually take more color off your carpet if you apply too much. It’s best to test this out on a part of your carpet that isn’t too noticeable before pouring it on the affected area.

Don’t go crazy by pouring a dangerous amount no matter how bad you want to save your flooring. It can pose a serious health risk to you and your family as well.

Wash away the mess with dish soap

Soap and water can still take care of serious stains on your carpet, even ones caused by paint. 

Apply a drop of dish soap and a cup of water to the paint stain and blot it out with a clean but wet rag. Repeat the process until no traces of paint remain.

Use rubbing alcohol 

If any stains are still on your carpet, rubbing alcohol could help get rid of every last speck of paint. 

Soak a rag in alcohol and blot out as much of the paint stains as you can. Allow it to sit on the stains for about 10-20 minutes until the coloring fades.

What is most important to consider is the kind of paint that spills on your carpet. For example, water-based and dried paint might be easier to remove but oil-based paints might be tricky to get off your carpet. 
You might want to consider an expert’s opinion on which cleaning methods work best. Why not hire a cleaning company to do the job? Clean House Services has the know-how and experience cleaning up all sorts of stains around the house. Contact us today!

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