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5 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Needs

essential cleaning tools

You need to make sure that you already have a few essential cleaning tools around to help you deal with regular cleaning chores and accidental messes. 

When it comes to keeping your home spotless and sparkling, you should be equipped with the right tools to make any task less hectic. Not only that, but these tools can also protect you while you are on the job. 

It pays to be prepared, so make sure you have these essential cleaning tools at your disposal:

Gloves and masks

You should never have to come into contact with most messes in your home. Also, you shouldn’t expose yourself to cleaning solutions that may contain toxic chemicals.

Unless you are using organic hypoallergenic cleaning products, you need to keep yourself safe when handling disinfectants and other solutions. With that being said, make sure your arsenal contains reusable gloves and washable masks.  


Mops are essential when it comes to cleaning spills, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where these spills often occur. 

Microfiber cloth heads are great for keeping moisture out of a room. Steam mops, if you can afford one, are great for sweeping away dirt spills and sanitizing large areas.


Vacuums can help reach spots your broomsticks or mops might not be able to reach.

If you’re having trouble reaching all that dust underneath your couch or bed, a handy vacuum with the right attachment can do the job with ease. If you need a simple clean-up, use a cordless stick vacuum for reaching underneath the couch and other furniture

Scrub brush

Scrub brushes with long handles can tackle any kind of stain on almost any hard-to-reach surface around your home. Brushes with larger heads can be used for floors and ceilings while smaller brushes can be used to clean tiny spaces like bathroom tiles to keep the grout free from mold and grime. 

All-purpose cleaners

What home wouldn’t be clean without an all-purpose cleaner? It’s always a good idea to keep a few bottles of Mister Clean lying around in the event a difficult mess happens in your home. When used responsibly and safely, no spill or stain should be too big to worry about.

You can also hire the services of a cleaning company if you want to save time and money tackling the most complex tasks. 

Clean House Services has all the essential cleaning tools and skills to help you bring the sparkle back to your home. Contact us today!

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