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4 Ways To Clear Burnt Smells From Your Home

clear burnt smells

Have you ever had a meal gone wrong? Maybe you might have left something in the oven that’s creating a horrible stench? In any case, you need clear burnt smells and keep your home smelling fresh. 

While you should consider yourself lucky to have survived a fire hazard, you still need to deal with the stench that lingers. Apart from being unpleasant to the nostrils, burnt smells can also be toxic, especially to those with pre-existing lung conditions like asthma. 

You can’t leave this problem unresolved, so here are a few ways to clear burnt smells once and for all:

Remove the burnt source

The first step to clearing burnt smells from your home is to get rid of the source. 

You did your best, but that charred casserole isn’t doing your kitchen any favors anymore at this point. It’s best to throw the burnt source out so the odor won’t linger anymore. 

Deep clean burnt kitchen tools

Clean any burnt traces on your baking sheets or other kitchen tools. Use hot, soapy water and a gentle scrubber that won’t damage or scrape pans or pots that have charring on them. 

Freshen up the kitchen

You can also clear burnt smells from your kitchen by placing some baking soda in select areas. You can also boil some lemons to freshen up the area and get rid of faint odors. 

Air out your home

All those smoke fumes that still linger in the air will leave your home if you show them the way out in the first place. 

Air out your home by opening windows where the incident occurred and crank up a fan or two. You should also close off any other areas of your home so the odors won’t come back in.  

Knowing how to clear burnt smells is only half the battle. If you want to give your home a deeper cleaning, get a local cleaning company to help you freshen up your home? 

Clean House Services is like the breath of fresh air you need when it comes to giving your home a thorough wipe down. Contact us today!

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