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An Easy Cleaning Guide for Moving In and Out a Home

moving in and out

Got a new place to live or are you already settling into a new house? There will always be a time for cleaning when you’re moving in and out of a home. 

The last thing anyone wants to find in a new home or one that was previously occupied is unsanitary surfaces, cakes of dust in every corner, and clutter everywhere. 

Here’s a handy guide with checklists that can help you with what you should clean when moving in or out.

Moving in

There’s always a good chance that the previous occupants may not have tidied up before you. Start cleaning your new home by cleaning:

  • Kitchens are the heart of your home and should be cleaned first. Go over the fridge, counters, and cabinets as these have been used the most.
  • Empty rooms tend to build up dust when left alone. Pick up a broom and start dusting floors and other dust-caked surfaces.
  • Bathrooms are notorious for a lot of germs that make them unsanitary. You can use a mix of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle to disinfect this area when you move in.

Moving out

This is your chance to make it better for the next occupants. Here’s what you need to deal with as your home changes hands.

  • Windows only need cleaning with a damp cloth and some cleaner before drying with a microfiber towel.
  • Doorknobs, switches, and handles have been touched so many times at this point. Don’t take any chances and make sure these are fresh for the next occupants by disinfecting them before you leave for good.
  • Bathrooms shouldn’t be overlooked either before you go. Use toilet cleaner on those bowls and make sure your countertop looks fresh and ready to use.
  • Carpets will be the first welcoming sight when a new owner enters a home, so give them a good vacuuming. 

Whether you are moving out or settling down in your new home, the transition could be too much for you to handle alone.

It’s a good thing that you can always call a local cleaning service to help you deal with the dirty work. 

Call us at Clean House Services today and see how we can transition process less hectic!

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