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4 Easy Steps To Clean Spilled Milk in Your Fridge

clean spilled milk

Did that precious carton of milk accidentally spill in your fridge? No use crying over it, but you could still need to clean spilled milk inside this essential kitchen appliance.

It’s best to clean up spilled milk as soon as possible. When it spoils, your fridge and your kitchen, in general, are going to suffer from the worst smell possible. 

Here are a few steps you should follow:

Clear out your fridge

Before you clean spilled milk inside your fridge, you need to empty all of the contents. 

Take out leftovers, fruits, or that old chicken you were saving for dinner. Make sure that the milk has not spilled on any of them as it could affect their quality.

Soak up spilled milk

Now that your fridge is clear, it’s time to start soaking up the spilled milk.

You don’t need anything fancy for this step. Grab a handful of tissues or a piece of cloth to soak up as much of the milk inside your fridge as you can. 

Leave no visible trace behind and remember to be thorough.

Wipe down and deodorize

Get a separate piece of cloth and spray some cleaning solution on it. This will make a handy tool for a proper wipe-down inside your fridge. Rinse the cloth now and then as you go over where the milk was spilled.

Don’t forget to deodorize as well. Sprinkle some baking soda or squeeze half a lemon to get rid of the nasty smell left by the rotten milk. 

Return fridge items to their proper spot

As you return fridge items to their proper spot, make sure they are wiped and clean of any traces of spilled milk.

You can also take this time to see if any food has gone bad and needs to be thrown away.

If you need a thorough cleaning of your entire kitchen as well, hire a cleaning company for the job. 

Clean House Services will be happy to take care of the heart of your home and bring back the shine in your kitchen. Contact us today to learn more!

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