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5 Signs It Might Be Time To Replace a Worn-Out Sponge

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A worn-out sponge does more harm to your kitchen countertop than good.

Sponges become less useful over time. Especially if you’ve been using the same one for a long while. 

There are certain signs that you should look out for. In this blog, we’ll look over five that tell you if an old sponge is due for retirement.

Foul Odor

Want to know one of the most obvious signs of a worn-out sponge? The smell. 

They are a breeding ground for bacteria, especially when they are constantly damp. If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your sponge,  it’s time for a replacement.

Visible Wear and Tear

Wear and tear like decay or discoloration are signs that your sponge has reached the end of its life. 

Sponges that are worn out are less effective at scrubbing away grime and can even leave behind small particles that can end up in your food or dishes.

Reduced Absorbency

If your sponge is no longer soaking up water like it used to, it’s a sign that it’s wearing down.

Instead of effectively cleaning and rinsing your dishes, a sponge with reduced absorbency will leave them streaky and wet. 

Lingering Stains

Does your sponge struggle to remove stubborn stains and food residue? When a sponge is past its prime, it becomes less effective at lifting and removing dirt and grime.

You might find yourself repeatedly scrubbing the same spot over and over, it can lead to dirtier plates and an unhygienic kitchen environment.

It’s best to retire your old sponge and replace it with a fresh one that can tackle tough messes with ease.


Think long-term and consider the lifespan of your sponge. 

Most sponges are not designed to last forever. Most typical sponges should be replaced every two to four weeks.

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced a worn-out sponge, chances are you are long overdue for a replacement.

Every home needs regularly maintained cleaning tools, like the ones used by professional cleaning services. 

If you want to give your home the sparkle it deserves, get a cleaning company that’s equipped with the right tools!

Hire us at Clean House Services to take care of your kitchen today!

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