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4 Easy Steps For Cleaning Salt Stains On Clothing

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Salt stains on clothing can be frustrating to deal with. They can get on you when cooking or clearing your driveway from ice during the winter.

You would think a common household ingredient would not cause such a mess on your clothing, but it does. It can even get worse unless you take the steps necessary to take care of it.

In this blog, we’ll give you four easy tips to help clean salt stains off your clothes.

Check clothing labels

Before attempting to remove salt stains from your clothes, it is important to check the clothing label for specific cleaning instructions. 

Some fabrics are more delicate and require special care, so following the manufacturer’s recommendations will help avoid damaging the garment.

Gently brush away salt

The first step to removing salt stains from clothing is to gently brush away any excess salt. A soft-bristled brush or a clean, dry cloth can be used for this purpose. 

It is essential to do this gently, so you don’t grind the salt further into the fabric.

Thoroughly soak and wash

Once you have brushed away the excess salt, the next step is to soak the garment in the water. 

Use cold water as hot water can set salt stains and make them more difficult to remove. 

Leave the clothing to soak for at least an hour, and for particularly stubborn stains, leave it to soak overnight.

Dry salt-stained clothing

Once you have washed the clothing, it is important to dry it properly. 

Don’t use a dryer as the heat can set any remaining stains. Instead, hang the garment to dry in a well-ventilated area. 

Ensure that it is completely dry before wearing or storing it to prevent mildew growth.

Salt stains on clothing are the least of your problems. When it comes to household chores, you may need to get a few more extra hands to do the job. 

Book a cleaning appointment with Clean House Services today and see how we can help you achieve a more sparkling and spotless home!

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