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May 2020

rat infestation

Cleaning After a Rat Infestation

If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with a rat infestation lately, you may have to deal with the mess these critters leave behind. Then again, these rodent messes should be cleaned with extreme caution to reduce the risk of spreading contamination. Here are a few steps you can follow to cleaning right after a rodent infestation: Ventilate your home A ratty mess can leave your house smelling of dead rats and their droppings.  Ventilate… Read More »Cleaning After a Rat Infestation

sponge cleaning

Sponge Cleaning Tips For Cleaner Dishes

Cleaning dishes with a dirty sponge isn’t the best way to keep them germ-free. So, aside from replacing a month-old sponge you’ve been using, you should also keep them clean as well before you tend to that next pile of unwashed dishes on the sink.  Here are a few ways you can keep your sponges clean: Using your dishwasher Did you know you can use the dishwasher to clean a kitchen sponge? Set your dishwasher… Read More »Sponge Cleaning Tips For Cleaner Dishes

Organize Cleaning Supplies

A Guide to Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a home clean also means keeping all your cleaning materials organized. After all, you need your cleaning supplies easily accessible so you are always ready for action.  That said, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your home cleaning arsenal.  Use a spare room  Is there a spare closet in the house? Or maybe a spare cabinet? Any area of your home where you put up your… Read More »A Guide to Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

disinfecting the bed

3 Tips for Disinfecting the Bed

The bedroom is where you start your day and where you end it. And now that you’re stuck at home, you might as well take the time to disinfect the bed. Bed bugs and a variety of pathogens can be found on the blanket and the mattress. Making your bed every morning will surely make it more presentable but it doesn’t guarantee thorough cleaning. So, let’s take a look at this guide for disinfecting your… Read More »3 Tips for Disinfecting the Bed

Organize Cleaning Supplies

Guidelines For Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Kitchen

COVID-19 has forced everyone to stay in their homes for weeks. For some, this would mean spending more time in the kitchen to experiment with new recipes.  But before you whip up another culinary masterpiece, here’s a guide for cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen : Your own safety comes before the meal Before you take care of the messes in the kitchen, it’s important to keep yourself protected. Disposable gloves and masks come in handy… Read More »Guidelines For Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Kitchen