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February 2020

cleaning upholstery

Tips On Cleaning Upholstery

It’s always nice to lounge around on your couch all day, but what isn’t nice is laying on unclean furniture.  As time goes on, your couches or any furniture outfitted with upholstery fabric will have crumbs of food bits, dust, and dirt on it. Making any kind of rest or relaxation on them nearly impossible. Here are a few tips for cleaning your upholstery at home:  Have the right tools available Before cleaning your upholstery,… Read More »Tips On Cleaning Upholstery

cleaning companies

On House Keys and Cleaning Companies

When the question of entry to a client’s property is raised, cleaning companies are usually in for an awkward situation. Human instinct tells us not to trust strangers – that goes for cleaning companies as well. Client’s primarily book cleaning services for two reasons: They are just too busy during the day and would rather spend their nights in bed rather than in the company of a broom. The stuff that needs cleaning requires costly… Read More »On House Keys and Cleaning Companies

5 tips for best home aroma

5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

It’s possible to make your house look clean, but is it good enough to smell?  A different approach is needed to give the house a pleasing aroma that will surely impress your guests and calm your nerves after a long day at work.  We sniffed out a few tips to improve your home’s arome. Here are the best ones: Light a few scented candles Since it’s February, this option wouldn’t really seem out of place… Read More »5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

Floor Hardwood Cleaning

Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can really bring out the coziness and hospitality of any home with their rustic and vintage appeal.   However, a lot of time and energy is often involved in maintaining hardwood, especially if it hasn’t been replaced for decades. There are a ton of risks involved to make these floors sparkle. Fortunately, we happen to have a few safe and easy cleaning tips for your hardwood flooring: Clear out the area Before cleaning hardwood… Read More »Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors