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November 2019

4 Handy Laundry Tips

Although there have been considerable advancements in laundry technology, one thing has remained unchanged over the years: there’s nothing fun about doing the laundry. It might seem a simple chore to accomplish, but a lot of mistakes can be made if you are not being careful enough. That said, let us take a closer look at the tips you need to ace your laundry day! Check the labels It’s extremely easy to look past labels… Read More »4 Handy Laundry Tips

Cleaner Maintain Home

Maintaining Your Home Between Cleaner Visits

Maintaining your home between regular visits by a cleaner is important for a very good reason.  Cleaning your home can be exhausting for the most part, which explains why you hired a cleaner to take care of that for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a bit of cleaning yourself in-between visits. Let’s take a look at a few things you might want to consider. Pick up the clutter It helps both you… Read More »Maintaining Your Home Between Cleaner Visits

Cleaning Easy

Making Cleaning Easier

Cleaning can be a tiring chore to do around the house. Sweeping up floors, mopping up spills, and washing dirty clothes. It can take up your entire day and leave you with just enough. Luckily, there are ways to make your cleaning easier:  Whip up a cleaning checklist A cleaning checklist helps to know what needs to be cleaned.  It’s also an easy way of keeping your cleaning organized, so that you aren’t scurrying about… Read More »Making Cleaning Easier